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MRI Images

Here are the MRI images. I used a program called ezDICOM to change the boring black and white to a more interesting color map.  I could have used Matlab, but there were way too many images to crank through so I guess I found a short cut :-).

There are some good things about this tumor. First, notice how obvious it appears. If you can notice it, then the doctor definitely can, so there’s a good chance it can be found once my head is opened. Second, the borders are well defined. So if my nerdy friends who I’m doing my PhD with (you know who you are) run their image classification algorithms on it, you’d probably get a near 100% classification rate after training the neural network. As a result of this, the tumor hasn’t invaded my actual brain, so theoretically, my brain shouldn’t be tampered with much during the surgery. I’m really happy about that too because I need it! There’s a lot riding on that gray matter up in there.



1. Anitra Bunn - January 17, 2010

Wow Damon, I’m actually in tears now. As positive as you seem in your blog post, which is a good thing, remaining positive always is a good thing, this is still heart breaking. You’re a friggin genious that’s one of the things that was always so admirable about you so this just seems so unfair. No long distance pounds today. Long distance hugs, love and prayer for you and your family. You’re a tough cookie so I’m positive you’ll make it through and that grey matter will continue on with it’s brilliance. Peace homie.

2. larry - January 19, 2010

damn dawg when you go under the knife?

dskillz13 - January 19, 2010

tomorrow morning

3. Ralph - January 20, 2010

Thanks for sharing your journey. I’m sure your story well touch and save other lives as well.

4. Kenda - February 1, 2010

who tweaks his own mri b/c he doesn’t like the color choice? only you… yes, we do need that grey matter (or maybe you could change it to blue)!

dskillz13 - February 4, 2010


5. Lori Brown - February 14, 2010

Was the tumor on your Saggital Sinus Vein or touching it at all?

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