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I’m Damon, a 30 year old African American brotha from philly who’s got two degrees in electrical engineering, works at NASA, working on a PhD, and has a loving wife a two beautiful, immensely intelligent little daughters. The craziest thing is that despite my intellectual achievements, this tumor is just sitting in the middle of my brain, pushing both halves of it away from each other in the front. Technically, I shouldn’t even be coherent enough right now to even write this blog. Every second I have alive is a gift that I truly appreciate.

A funny note:  I resisted joining facebook because I was paranoid (probably legitimate paranoia) that it was simply a dragnet for the NSA to collect data from millions of people who voluntarily post their private information not knowing just how sinister the Patriot Act really is. But because of this tumor, I figured that facebook would be the most efficient means of letting everyone know what’s going on.



1. Julie Maxham - January 19, 2010

Damon, we’re praying and can’t wait to hear about your successful outcome!

2. V - April 14, 2010

Followed the link you put on the FB group. Glad you’re sharing this with everyone. It’s crazy to know that something was growing in your brain and never knew. I was lucky enough to have had my diagnosis/surgery rushed through and done within 9 days. Didn’t know what hit me. Glad you’re healing well and you get to spend more time with your wife and daughters!

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