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Recovered for the most part March 14, 2010

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Its been almost 2 months after the surgery. I’ve been at work for two weeks now, and resuming normal activity with the exception of working out and playing basketball. To be honest, I feel like I never had the surgery! I feel that good. The incision is still slightly tender at spots, but I’ve cut my hair twice already and I can rub my entire head, incision included and not feel pain. There is still slight swelling around the incision, the scabbing is completely gone, and its barely noticeable if I either cut my hair short so that the baldness blends in or if I let my hair grow so its covered. I’ve been to the club twice (I guess that counts as working out :-)). I’m driving everywhere like usual and everything seems normal. Mentally I’m still acute, my memory is fine (maybe minor improvements because my stress level went down since I was away from work).

So my word of advice for anyone about to get this surgery – spend time to find the best surgeon and hospital you can, and when you do, go for it. I’m really happy that my tumor is gone, and I have a lot of life to look forward to without this added stress.

I would like to take a minute to say a very humble and heart felt THANK YOU to the dozens of friends, family, neighbors and strangers that have been model human beings and have poured out their hearts to show that they cared about me. I really appreciate the various meals that were prepared and delivered by friends, the extra help we got with taking care of my girls, the words of encouragement, the mp3’s that were sent, the gift basket of fruits, the omaha steaks, my buddy taking my place at work for me and all of the acts of kindness I’ve experienced. Thank you!



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