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Recovering @ home January 24, 2010

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My head was sliced, drilled and sawed open on the 20th between 2:30 and 7:30pm on the 20th. I was back at home recovering 48 hours later. Through an amazing combination of fortunate events, luck, divine intervention etc.. I can say that I survived my first (and hopefully only ever) craniotomy for excision of my 4cm meningioma. Dr. Q said that the surgery was a success, and that it’s about 100% resected (about 100% of total removal)

Pretty amazingly, the only painkillers I’m on are Tylenol 650 mg! I’m on steroids also (not the Mark MacGuire kind), to keep my brain swelling down (so my head doesn’t explode).  There’s a lot of swelling near my eyes because of fluid drainage from the surgical site, and just a mild headache behind my eyes.

I can honestly say that I don’t feel half as bad as I thought I would have coming out of this procedure. Would I do it again? HELL TO THE NO! :-), but I can offer some words of confidence to those about to go through this. Just get yourself to a damn good hospital. INTERVIEW your doctors.. the whole damn team. Make sure you’re comfortable and know what to expect when you’re going in. Get lots of rest, and don’t try to do too much soon afterward. I actually came out of surgery making jokes!

Well, time to rest up again.. but I figured I’d I share some appropriate PVD tracks with you that are helping me recover. Enjoy!



1. Kenda - February 1, 2010

Yes, we are! Great song =)

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