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Day 0 January 20, 2010

Posted by dskillz13 in Uncategorized.

Time to go. I’ll be back on after I recover! Thanks! Hugs kisses and daps!



1. Lynne Boddy - January 21, 2010

You, your family and Dr Q are in my prayers! May GOD bless you & continue to hold you in HIS loving arms.

GOD Bless you!

2. Lori Brown - January 23, 2010

I just found your blog via facebook. I have an M in the same location. They want to remove it. Thank you for your posts and I pray for you and your recovery. I will be watching to hear how you are doing. It looks like Im right behind ya.

Lori Brown
Burnsville, MN

dskillz13 - January 25, 2010

Dear Lori,

Thank you for finding and reading my blog. I only hope that the information that I post is helpful to you. The important things to remember: 1) Get plenty of rest before and after surgery.. 2) I’m back home in 4 days with painless staples in my head at the moment and just a little Tylenol and Steroids in my system to keep my brain from exploding and 3) You likely have an army of loving people surrounding you, praying for you, offering words and actions of immense support – take advantage of them.

The surgery will be over faster than you can believe, and soon you will only have to focus on recovering. Just get that damn meningiomia out of your head before it causes damage. You will be fine. Just do your homework with your doctors. Come to JHU if you can.

Considering the grotesque nature of the surgery, amazingly I can say that the worst part was the catheter! I still can’t believe that I was in the O.R. only a few days ago. Just rest easy after surgery.. keep your ICP low and your body will heal. It knows what it’s doing! Best wishes, and keep me up to date on your progress!

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