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One week before surgery January 13, 2010

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Since I found the tumor in April, I’ve been taking it easy, going about work and school like normal. I’ve been at the gym, playing basketball and having fun. But at my third follow up with Dr. Q we found that the tumor grew a few millimeters in diameter. I measured 0.5cm myself on my own MRI data, he measured a few mm. Either way, we were both convinced that it grew. I also saw it start to compress a major artery, so I’m convinced that things may get worse if I leave it in.

I’m ready to get this surgery over with. After seeing many other blogs of the surgery, pictures, video of craniotomies and research on all other things meningioma related, I’m ready to get this done. I think I’ve gotten myself settled with the fact that the surgery is pretty barbaric on the surface, but it’s the best technology we have to do it.



1. kathy blue - January 17, 2010

Just know we will be be here for any needs of Ella and kids while you recover-pray and faith-you know we know all about those 2 things and thank God, literally, that we have excellent surgeons at our disposal here in Maryland! You have the best of the best and we’ll be praying before, during and after! Here’s to a successful surgery and successful recovery….xoxoxo

Kat, Ken, Bri and Brandon

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